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Do you ever find that when you give yourself a hair blowdry at home, it never comes out looking as good as it did when you were at the salon? That is because blow drying your hair correctly is actually somewhat of an art that professional hairdressers are very skilled at. But it is also something that you can perfect fairly easily by giving your routine a few tweaks. 

In this article, we’ll give you advice on the tool, tips and tricks you’ll need for the perfect hair blowdry.

Invest In A Good Hairdryer

Yes, good hairdryers can be expensive, but they are worth the investment if you want to achieve your desired results as well as look after your hair. Stay away from cheap, travel-sized hairdryers and lean more towards ‘fancier’ hairdryers with a range of heat settings. If you can afford salon quality, that would definitely be your best bet. 

Towel Dry Your Hair Beforehand

To minimise the amount of heat put on your hair, you may want to towel dry your hair first. However, it’s important that you don’t just use any towel, but that you use a light, microfibre towel so that you don’t add any unnecessary weight to your hair, thus pulling out strands, etc.

Avoid Brushing Your Hair When It’s Wet

You need to understand that your hair is most vulnerable and vulnerable to breakage when it’s wet. That is why brushing your hair and attempting to detangle it when it is wet is not a good idea. You could really damage your hair, so make sure you only start brushing when your hair is somewhat dry.

hair blowdry

Pay Attention To Your Roots

If you’re looking for volume, you’re going to have to lift and dry your hair from the roots to achieve that look.

Use Salon Products

Do you notice that your hairdresser makes use of a few different products when giving you a hair blowdry? Take an interest in what these products are and how they are used so you can mimic the salon experience in your home. Your hair will also thank you for investing in premium products that protect and enrich your hair.

Are you looking to spoil yourself with a professional hair blowdry? Radiance Hair is a professional hair salon in NSW, and we would love to give your hair some TLC! Get in touch with us today to book an appointment.

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