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Types Of Skin Tightening Treatments

skin tightening

Today the plastic surgeons and dermatologists can tighten the tax, help in tightening the sagging skin on your body and face without having to use the scalpel. Various treatments do work for skin tightening, and they include

skin tightening

Radiofrequency for the Jowls and Neck

The radiofrequency energy is known as the perfect way of giving your neck skin a tighter appearance. The radiofrequency energy is known to heat the skin surface collagen and naturally to cause it to contract and also creating more collagen. Collagen is best known for the building of whole blocks and giving you youthful skin that dwindles on your advancing age. For the turkey necks and sagging jowls, the new FaceTite RF device has a pack of solid punch, and it helps in tightening from the inside out and towards the outside in hence sandwiching the two wands. One of the wands goes to the skin top also causing the collagen to tighten and contract and it also goes underneath your skin hence emulsifying the fat. The whole process is called the radio-frequency and assisted lipolysis.

The liposuction Technique

The liposuction technique is best for offering skin tightening benefits while the Inmode BodyTite provides the best solution to tightening of thighs, tummy, and arms. The procedure is under the anaesthesia and the scar is not above a ¼ inch of the incision. The ultrasound energy is delivered through the treatment is known as the Ultherapy. It employs the sounds waves that help in boosting of the collagen that is stored under your skin surface hence firming the skin. The Ultherapy penetrates to the skin depth and it’s based on focusing on energy and skipping the superficial skin layer going deeper and without burring of the surface.

Microneedling Technologies

This is a new procedure that is combined with other multiple technologies all in one device helping in tightening of the skin. The Vivace is one latest treatment in the market, and it starts with the microneedling adding to radiofrequency and using of laser light. It’s the first device globally that uses the robotic motor to effectively and gently help in pushing of the needle directly to your skin. It allows for smooth, complete comfort, no downtime, precise control and the optimal delivery of the postal system treatment.

Both usages of radiofrequency and Microneedling are used in the skin clinic gold coast, and they are components that stimulate the collagen hence resulting in skin tightening.

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