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Skin Clinic in the Gold Coast is especially for skin cancer patient

At our Skin Clinic Gold Coast, we attempt to give the most appropriate and demonstrate based drugs for your skin issues: all pros are free Practitioners, authorized or at present looking for after accreditation with the skin harmful development school of Australasia. 

Dr. Venu Kondamudi is a helpful teacher for Diploma of skin harmful development Medicine and Surgery, who manages and pays out the pushed, complex and cosmetically unstable skin malady restorative strategy himself, while similarly insinuating various systems to his plastic cautious accomplices, when the patient likes to have it done under anesthesia. Our three methodology rooms are reason worked for skin medicinal strategy and helpful meds. As confirm skin harmful development authorities, we support and get referrals from 30 GP’s from the Gold Coast and Hinterland zones. 

Typical sorts of skin illnesses we deal with constantly are Basal Cell Carcinoma (BCC), Squamous Cell Cancer (SCC) and Melanoma. 

The whole of our skin checks are done to a stringent standard set by Dr.Kondamudi, to restrict the peril of missing starting time melanomas and non-melanoma skin malignancies, as early investigation prompts all out fix of sickness, saving lives and diminishing horrendousness to patients.


You, your assistant and your family will realize better than some other individual if something on your skin is new or changing – these are two huge early forewarning signs. Become familiar with your spots and moles, and check your skin routinely.

Gold Coast Skin Clinic is a skin disease center

Gold Coast Skin Clinic is a skin disease center claimed by Dr Patrick Mewing, a University of Queensland graduate with over 13 years involvement with the analysis and treatment of skin malignant growth on the Gold Coast. 

In the event that malignant growth is analyzed, Dr Mewing’s own methodology guarantees all patients are completely mindful of the scope of medications accessible, which may incorporate careful and non-careful alternatives. 

Dr Mewing is additionally offers a scope of restorative drug administrations, including expulsion of moles, hostile to wrinkle medications and dermal fillers. Mass charging is accessible for most arrangements.

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