Getting your hair coloured for the first time can be quite a nerve-wracking experience, but it is also exceptionally exciting! As professional hairdressers in Killara, we have provided expert colouring services for hundreds of clients over the years. Here is what you should keep in mind!

Professional Colour Can Be Expensive

If you have never had your hair professionally coloured before, you may be a little taken aback by the prices. But quality colour requires expensive products and a trained professional, so these prices are definitely worth it!

Consider The Maintenance

Some types of colour are more difficult to maintain than others. Balayage and ombre ‒ hair highlighting techniques ‒ are known to be able to grow out quite naturally, while full colours can show regrowth quite a lot. The amount of maintenance you’ll require to keep up your new look will also depend on how fast your hair grows. Determine the desired look you’re after and go for it!


You’ll Probably Have To Change Up Your Hair Products

Chances are that you will probably have to invest in new hair products to keep your colour looking fresh and to look after your hair!

Go to an Expert!

We’ve all seen interesting results on others who’ve experimented with hair colour. Hair colour is not something that you want to chance. Going to a professional is an absolute must if you want to achieve your dream results.

Listen To Your Colourist’s Advice

Your colourist may want to steer you in a certain direction, and this is not to push their own agenda but to help you choose a colour palette that best suits your complexion.

Bring Pictures With You

It can be challenging to explain what you are looking for, especially if you don’t fully understand technical terms. So bringing in photos will definitely assist in showing your hairdresser what you are looking for.

You May Not Be Able To Achieve Your Dream Colour In One Session

If you want to go from dark to light or another colour combination, you need to understand that you may not be able to achieve the colour you are looking for in one session. Have patience in the process.

Are you looking for trustworthy hairdressers in Killara? Get in touch with the team at Envy Room Salon in Gordon. We’d love to be a part of your cut or colour experience!

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