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As children and teenagers, we often want what we don’t have. If we had curly hair, we probably wanted straight hair, and if we had blonde hair we probably wanted black hair. As adults we have the opportunity to change our hair to almost any style out there. Still, there is definitely something very empowering about learning to love our natural texture, colour and thickness.

As a busy hair salon near Macquarie Park, the team at Envy Room in Gordon has helped dozens of clients return to their roots and embrace their natural hair through the right styling and hair care techniques. In this article, we’ll guide you on how you too can embrace your natural hair!

Determine Your Natural Texture, Curl And Colour

Before you begin embracing your natural hair, you may want to determine what your natural hair actually looks like! Over the years you may have had straightening, extensions, various colours and more. It’s important that you know exactly what you are working with.

Remember That You Can Still Tweak Certain Things

You don’t need to embrace every aspect of your natural hair. Perhaps you want to begin showing off your natural curls but still want to get highlights. That is totally okay! There is no need to go completely natural, especially not straight away. You could also experiment with more natural colour techniques such as balayage.

Ask For Professional Advice Regarding Your Specific Hair Type

hair salon near Macquarie Park

If you want to give your hair the care it deserves, you should definitely speak to a hair professional regarding the type of products you should be using for your specific hair type and texture.

Look To Celebrities & Social Media For Inspiration

To get styling ideas, look to social media and celebrities with hair types like yours. Seeing others rock their natural hair will give you the confidence to do so.

Think Of The Benefits

There are many benefits to embracing your natural hair. For one, there is a lot less maintenance involved, which means that you won’t be spending as much money on your hair.

At Envy Room in Gordon Road, a hair salon near Macquarie Park, our team of professional hairstylists would love to be a part of your hair transformation, whatever your hair goals may be. Feel free to contact us at (02) 9499 9880 to make your first appointment with us.

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