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How Your Lifestyle Should Determine Your Ideal Hairstyle

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There are two factors that most people consider when getting a new hairstyle, and these factors are:

  • Their face shape and if their new hairstyle will suit them
  • Their personal style and if the new hairstyle will reflect their aesthetic

What many people fail to consider when heading to their appointment with a hairdresser in Sydney is their particular lifestyle! Your lifestyle plays a huge role in how well a particular hairstyle can work for you. If you choose a hairstyle that does not gel well with your lifestyle, you could come to really hate it and wish for the day that it begins to grow out so that you can change it.

hairdresser in Sydney

Here are a couple of things that you should consider:

How Active You Are

Most people that are very active prefer to have quite short hair that requires very little maintenance or longish hair that can easily be swept up into a ponytail. The in-between length is what active people often find annoying.

How Much Time You Have in The Morning

If your new hairstyle requires heat styling to look good, a major consideration should be how much time you have to get ready in the morning and if you are prepared to wake up earlier.

What Sort of Events You Go to

If you’re a socialite that goes to loads of fancy events, you may want to show off a different hairstyle for each occasion. In this case, longer hair may be more versatile for you, and if you don’t have long hair, you could always consider extensions.


Fringes are notoriously high maintenance, and you’ll need to go for a trim every few weeks if you want to be able to see out from under your fringe. If you have a very busy lifestyle and battle to squeeze in regular hairdressing appointments, you may want to consider something that is a little more low maintenance. The cost of maintenance should also be considered.

At the end of the day, you can choose whatever hairstyle you want and sometimes this choice is based on aesthetic appeal alone! But just remember that certain hairstyles will require a lot more maintenance than others!

Are you looking for a hairdresser in Sydney that can provide the best hairstyle for your lifestyle as well as a comprehensive range of other hair services? Please feel free to get in touch with the expert team at Esteem Hair & Beauty Salon today. We’d love to be a part of your hair transformation!

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