stretch marks treatment

Are you want to know about stretch marks treatment? Indubitably, there are many reasons why stretch marks occur. However, pregnancy is one of the causes of stretch marks on women. Several stretch marks treatment is available, so it will be easy to cure skin problems.

Although, men can also have stretch marks. Normally, these stretch marks are formed in the lower back, thighs, breasts, abdominal area, lower back, and upper arms in the body.

Colour of Stretch Marks

In the start, the colour of the stretch marks is purplish or reddish, but with the passing of time, the colour changes to white or silver, and the skin becomes glossy. It is because stretch marks are created in the middle layer of the skin called the dermis. This section of skin is elastic and aids the skin in maintaining its shape. And if the dermis is stretched consistently and has reached its limit, it will break and stretch marks have formed.


Succinctly, stretch marks are also a form of skin scars. Besides rapid weight gain and pregnancy, nutrition, heredity, and lifestyle can also be reasons for the expansion of these marks.

Stretch mark treatments

Ointments and Natural Creams

Undoubtedly, the best thing is that these stretch marks fade with time. Nowadays, stretch marks treatments are available for those stretch marks that do not disappear with time. One of them is applying ointments or topical creams. Some creams use natural ingredients, and some creams formulas may include chemicals like hydroxyl to heal from marks.

stretch marks treatment

These types of cream enter into the inner layer of skiing to moisturise, tighten, and firm. However, the natural formula also inspires the production of elastin and collagen to strengthen the skin and retain it from breaking afterwards.

Laser Removal

The second treatment that will help in eliminating stretch marks from your skin is laser removal. This process does not include incisions or scarring and is minimally invasive. The procedure of this treatment is by a controlled beam of laser on the affected area.

Once the laser has broken down the scar tissue, and these are diffused, new collagen and skin cells will start to grow in the area where the scar tissues were. In addition, it is more affordable than surgery, and it will take less time to heal after the treatment.


It is the last type of stretch marks treatment and is called tummy tuck or abdominoplasty. Meticulously, this treatment is meant to eliminate the fat or excess skin from the abdominal, but after the surgeries, the specialist has seen that the stretch marks have diminished.

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